You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

We are never A LONE, we are ONE!

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When we are going through the dark nights of our soul, we are never alone. This is one of the process that we need to go through in order to detached from our ego or mind. It brings us to the point of surrender to the Source. We become vulnerable and we learn to let go of our control and need to be right. We are in the dark because we needed to be there to see the light. The light is within us and its always been there, we are just experiencing amnesia of our cellular memory.

When we connect to our light, everything falls into the right place. We are free and nothing really matters at the end of the day but we feel our mind is at peace and our heart is open to what is. We can’t go to this space if we don’t open our heart to what is happening to us right now. Everything has a purpose, they are meant to be there with you because you needed to learn a lesson at this moment. Listen to what your heart is saying, don’t be afraid of what you truly are, a vehicle of light and love.

We feel alone because our feelings are in lower vibration which is more on the root, sacral and solar plexus area. These chakras correlate to the physical aspects of our being such as relationships, family, security, stability, power, self trust to name a few. The wisdom in transforming these lower vibrations is to breathe, know where your thoughts are, ask yourself What am I thinking right now? this will lead you to the present moment and be in the present not the past, or future anxiety that usually our ego creates. The role of the ego is to identify because it has fear of annihilation. Just like death, when we are align to the energy centers we are not afraid to die because we know that we live eternally coming from the spiritual view. Our souls are eternal so we live on even though our physical bodies go back to Earth.

Do you ever wonder where do those souls go when they commit suicide? What are your beliefs around these issues? We are creatures of make beliefs, what our minds think create them in this field or in your personal mind box. We can believe one thing and know a lot. The only difference is you feel it when you know the truth, the thoughts send a vibration to your inner detector of authenticity and gives you the impression of what is true or not. When you listen to your heart and gut feelings you connect to your truth, the only real thing that will open your mind consciousness. We are in the shift of consciousness from mind to soul and integrating them all in one living conscious body that we embody and create a oneness in all, one body in the end and many souls. This is the enlightened era when our human consciousness releases all that we created in the past, create a future in the present moment by being present in the moment.

The darkness that our humanity is experiencing is an important aspect of this integration. We can not see if we are left blind inside our mind box, we needed to hit the bottom to reach the top in accelerated time and motion we are in this quantum leap of mind into the consciousness of our DNA and Gods Divine consciousness. We become one with the creator and the creation becomes us, taking care of this planet and many other dimensions that we tap into. We are all in their field, one in many dimensions, communicating in many other special ways.

They reveal themselves when you are open with love and peace, total surrender to what is and connecting to your own spirit. The existence of our species will stay in this field when we all connect in the power of stillness and meditation. Remembering where you came from and what you want to create in your field. Everything is here, given in all your passion to connect to the Divine. Whatever is in your plate take it, use it for love and light, stop dwelling in the negative force of your duality. There you can find solace in your space when you let go and live in the present moment. Exhilarated, passionate, in service for the Universal good and highest good of all we are connecting to our highest mission and souls purpose in this lifetime. We can make a difference in this peaceful event, be a cataclysmic event or not whatever you put in your mind you create, so be conscious of your thoughts. Let it resonate with love and higher vibrations to create this in our reality.

The FEAR agenda of others will remain in this field because we are still living in this dimension but as you ascend in the 5th dimension you will align your soul into this higher realms of light. There would be obstacles in your way to shake everything off from this lower vibrations, as you become CLEAR in your consciousness, the love energy will integrate your awareness and you will remember where you came  from. Whatever lineage it is,  be it a STARSEED, or other higher dimensions it will be reveal to you, the process of ASCENSION. It is quite an exciting moment in your lifetime, this is it, the shift of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies connecting to your higher selves and connections to other dimensions of light and love.

This is the healing that everyone is looking for, we are in this transition of healing our deepest abandonment issues that truly comes from the disconnection of our highest selves. We are now connecting to our souls and integrating why we are here. We are in the dark age as they say because we will see the brightest light and in our own little self it will reveal the deepest longing of our selves is to be connected to our home which is our soul. There is no heaven or hell it is within our selves, these are archetypes of our own illusion that totally relates to guilt and religious minds. The heaven and hell is us when we connect to light, we are in heaven and when we go through dark times we are in hell.

Dimensions of light and dark, what a marvelous joy when you are able to see beyond the LINEAR way of thinking. It is a blessing to feel one within yourself and others. I guess you will only feel one when you are one within your self. It is your choice to be one with yourself or stay separated, and create more lifetimes of suffering and separation. Why go there? Why waste your time and energy creating more Karmic events in your lifetime. Change it now and be in touch with your souls alignment to its highest potential calling. Be the MASTERS of these lifetimes, ignite your souls with fire, strength with the blowing winds of your mind, healed with ebb and tides of your emotional bodies, grounded in the roots of your Mother Earth. We are never A LONE  we are ONE!



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