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When you are dealing with relationship with the Addict Archetype,  you have to watch yourself that you don’t fall into that trap of being a rescuer. It is like the other side of the coin. You rescue addicts because you want to fill this need that you did not have when you were in pain or did not receive that attention that you were longing from your parents or loved ones. There is that void, emptiness and wanting to be loved that is inside of you that keeps attracting the same cycle or pattern of relationship with others. We have to stop and reflect, take inventory of ourselves and the people around us to see where we are in our process of healing.

We forget to stop and then get overwhelmed with what we had created. We find others drain us and we lose our balance. We like to give but forget to receive for ourselves. We are like roller coasters, going through the motions of unending rescuing and pleasing others. When are you going to stop and be with yourself?Stop running away and face your reality. You need to take some time to understand your own pattern and how you are the magnet of this situation.

This is your life, get hold of yourself. Know that you can never change the other person. You can be a support but not someone that can fix their life. You have your own life to take care of. Do not get distracted with the situation, in loving an addict you need to understand that there is nothing that  you can do to change their own baggage. You can only help yourself to be healthy and feel wholesome in your relationship.

By being centered, you will find that your life is a lot easier to handle. Fill yourself with unconditional love by being kind and gentle. There is a tendency for us to be hard on ourselves. Let go of any guilt and shame. These emotions do not help us in our healing. First, is to pay attention to our own emotions. Ask yourself, how am I feeling today? Check in with your feelings, in this way you are not having this pattern of denial. The denial is so engraved within us that we think that we are okay even if we are not. So pay attention to these subtle signs of our body, emotions and our thoughts.

The negative thoughts will not help us in our growth, be aware and practice meditation. This will help clear our busy mind and give us clarity with our undertaking. Join other like-minded souls that will support us in our journeys. It is always amazing how you can find others who are also going through the same things.

Journal your way through it. It is important to release your emotions and thoughts that are bothering you. When you write, you will find that it makes you feel lighter. The heaviness of what you are experiencing will come out of your energy system. It is a purification process and your spiritual guides will give you messages that can direct you to what is needed to be clear.

Everything is energy when you have to acknowledge that you have created this relationship you are taking responsibility for your participation. You become accountable for your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. You can only take care of what you bring to the table and the other person is responsible for theirs. You are building a healthy boundary between the two of you. Healthy space is important in this relationship. You have to be able to breathe and know that this will work for the highest good of all.

Focus on your passion and allow your love for each other to grow without pressure and negative behavior. Speak up when necessary, do not withhold your voice. You are in a healthy relationship. Let go of the past mistakes but build something with trust, hope, faith and love. Put your attention to where love is. Bringing this in your daily communication and how you can enhance this to work out. You are powerful and know that you can create a loving intimate relationship by being aware of your archetypes, energy, vibrations, and presence.

You are put in this relationship for a reason. We are always learning and evolving. Evolve into a loving and light being that we are. Together we can transcend the Addict archetype and be one with them through understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Let us all open our hearts to the truth that we are all one, in pain and in joy. Beloved.

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