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What are the Akashic Records?

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Spirituality is simple living with love in your hearts and no judgements for others. This is simple but we are complicated human beings. We are blinded with the physical world and unable to see the unseen. There are a lot of us who are awakening to our truth which is our spirit and multi dimensional state of being. This is our truth, we are Light coming from the Source of all that is. What we see are fractals of ourselves expressing in our own uniqueness but truly we are all one in the unified fields of the universal energy. The shadows of ourselves are animated by those who are around us and brings attention to our separated unconscious thoughts. When we become aware of these shadows, we are able to harmonized these into our selves. We will know how to integrate these into our being, when we take the time to listen to the signs that are given to us.

What are the Akashic Records? they are our blueprints to know all our fragmented selves and bring them into alignment into our highest potential. They are the vibrations or living library of our souls. There are multi- dimensions that we can tap into, when we become awake of our true existence. We are multi- dimensional beings, meaning we can be in other dimensions when we want to. This physical plane that we live in is just one of the realm that we tap into. It seems very real and sometimes it can come across to others that this is the only plane of existence. Everything that we see is actually created in the universal energy before it becomes a form. Akasha is the primordial substance before anything becomes a form. So everything that we do, think of, emote, intent or say are all recorded in our Akashic Records.

In order to advance and evolve in this incarnation, we need to know what is in our Records that block us from having success and fulfillment in this lifetime. Success is about attaining happiness and peace. When we have this in our existence we are in heaven so to speak. We live blissfully and we are one with all that is. We consciously create everything with the Source of creation. We are empowered, evolved and enlightened. The light emanates and radiates from within and attract others with our luminosity. We are the positive light of that which creates and one with the shadows of all. We can see the unseen behind the veil. We are in harmonized with the Universal Laws and creating miracles for ourselves and others. We are one.

It is an amazing soul journey to witnessed transformations from myself and others with the Akashic Records. My intention in writing is to simplify the vast and complex nature of the Akashic Records to all sentient beings. To share healings from the activations and empowerment of the Lords of the Akashic Records to others. To elevate humanity’s consciousness into Divine consciousness. To activate the Akashic Records for those who are called to delve into these mysteries. To pave the way for an easier transition of the influx of coming generations into our Mother Earth Gaia.

Why would we want to know about our Records? Because we want to understand the mysteries of life and be attune with our truth. It serves like a compass to our soul’s path. We have freewill and every choices that we choose count in our evolution. Everything is recorded, so the Universal Law of Karma exist in this realm. We are not going to be judge but everything that we do in detrimental with our path will be attached to our files. These become the blockages in our spiritual ascension. Ascension simply is the higher vibration of our soul’s state which resonates with the frequency of the Source’s love for us. We are beings of Love and Light.

Where are the Akashic Records stored? They are in the ether and others claim that they are in the 6th plane of dimension. They are primordial substance that is alive and conscious while we are living this lifetime. Everything is recorded. It is like a data bank and when you open and tapped into your Records you are given the grace of the Lords of the Akashic Records. It is very sacred and guarded by the Lords. Nobody can access them unless you give permission to someone. We are given the ways to access our Records now. Through a Sacred prayer we can be given access by the Lords of the Akashic Records. There are different ways to access these Records, through your dreams, intuition, insights, out of body experiences and prayer. Journaling with the Records gives you the map to see how you progress and evolve as a soul. 

What are Akashic Records Activations? These are energetic substance that we received when our Records are open. You will develop extra senstivities to the universal energy of the Source of all that is. When we access these activations we become align to our soul’s purpose. Our cosmic portal will be open and we are going to receive these healing Light and energy from the Akashic fields. The more we practice accessing our Records, the more we evolve and receive activations for our souls. We receive gifts and raises our vibrations to our highest potential. The gifts of healing our souls become so transparent in our transitions. The Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, our Higher Selves, spiritual teams and guides help us to create a sacred space and the Lords of Akashic Records dispense the grace to connect us with our true essence. Our souls are returning to home. We become align to our Higher Selves.

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