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What are the Hidden Layers of our Emotions?


Emotions are complicated when we do not explore what are the hidden layers beyond the occurring feelings in our hearts. We get attached to our feelings and get stuck in our state of being. We identify with these emotions and overwhelmed us. We forget to integrate our right way of thinking, that allowing emotions that are not healthy for us will lead us to pain. How can we explore our emotions without attachment?

Steps in exploring our emotions:

  1. Acknowledge and name the emotions that you are currently feeling in the present moment.
  2. Feel where in your body part do you feel this emotion?
  3. Observe this emotion and connect.
  4. Close your eyes and breathe, observing the motion, vibration, and meditate.
  5. Go back to the timeline when you felt the same emotion. This will help you release these imprints from the past.
  6. Go into your heart space and release the people that create this bondage with your past.
  7. Say this prayer, “I forgive and release these people that had hurt me consciously and unconsciously. I forgive and release myself for hurting others consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space and realities. And I ask these energies to go back to the Source of love and light. And so it is. ” Envision these people that are a concern and send them compassion, forgiveness, kindness and love.
  8. Emotions are alive, they create attachments into our energy fields. When we are releasing, we want to make sure that we are also creating a new pattern of thoughts, and vibrations into the void.
  9. Ask Archangel Chamuel, to infused your heart with the beautiful pink ray of light to melt down and transmute all barriers, walls and brokenness. Then, ask to create a new pattern of trust, faith, hope and love into your cellular level of memories and consciousness.
  10. Ask Archangel Raphael and the green ray of light to heal your holographic matrices, crystalline fields and bio-etherial fields.

Know that our emotions are the gateway to understanding and freedom. To be able to release them from the past, then create a new pattern of love. Your frequency is your barometer to increase and shift them to the higher frequency of love and light. We are empowered beings of light, we support each other so we can remember who we truly are. The shadows have no power, they are our keys to transmute these energies to light. With the help of the angels and Ascended Masters we can assist each other towards our ascension.

Blessings of miracles,


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