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What Do You Truly Want?


What do you truly want? Simple question but difficult to attain if we do not know ourselves. We get influenced by others opinions of ourselves. We forget who we truly are. We get stuck in what we have or what we do not have. These are some distractions that keep us away from what we truly want.

Ask this question ” what do I truly want?” and be in complete silence. Listen to your heart. Write down the things that makes you happy. Put them all together. Brainstorm and align these answers to your heart’s desires. For example, I like writing as a child. I loved to journal and playing at the beach. I write all these things that I am passionate and those things that made me happy.

Things that make me happy:
Nature, communicating with animals and plants, beach, crystals, candle lights, flowers, healing music, writing and reading, listening to mentors, inspire and help others, give and share gifts to others, elders, children, empowerment and support others, dance and sing,  create, paint and travel.

Find the feelings that are strong, these are my core values:
Creativity, freedom, inspire, empower others, expression, healing service, communication

What can I do to put these all together and inspire others? By putting all the things together that makes me happy, I was able to incorporate what I really want in my life. This way, I focus on these things and not get distracted by other stuff. I realized my love for writing is number one on my list. So I put my attention to writing then surround myself with the things that I love like crystals, plants and healing music. I am attune to the healing energies and was able to put this in my consultation with others. Inspiring others to be healers, focus on what they want to create and be happy.

This is a step in getting closer to manifest what you truly want in life. You can create a vision board, visualize that all these things are already here, create and be surrounded with positive energies that will uplift your spirit. Know what you truly want.

Blessings of miracles,


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