You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

What is a Soul’s hologram?


Our soul’s hologram is the umbrella of our whole existence. It taps into the superconscious mind of the creator or our Higher power. It consists of the body, mind, heart, and spirit of our existence. It has the records of all the soul’s experiences which is kept in the sacred space of our Akashic Records. Our book of life is not simple to understand as we are not all awakened. When we reach the tipping point of awakening, we are all able to see the truth. The veils are lifted for those who can see. The messages of the divine creator are stillness in the mind, body, heart and spirit of our soul. We are able to tune into the higher frequencies of these vibrations. Our desires to understand life and existence are coming from the space of the unknown. The soul’s thirst for returning home to our Source. As we incarnate and experiences the shadows and darkness of life, we forget the lighted path of the divine. It is like a maze, full of turns and curbs. The gift is totally surrendering to the divine’s will.

Listening to our calling, what is our calling? To be of service to others, to make a difference, to touch others hearts, to inspire, to create, there are a lot of ways and tools to act on our calling. When we truly listen, pay attention to our desires, live symbolically, align and integrate your life to the highest good of all we are closer than what we think. Be fearless, have the courage for what you believe is true. It is time to wake up to our dying self. Let us die to our ego and be at peace to the divine’s will. We live in the quantum soup of our collective unconscious. Let’s be conscious of all our creations. Are you creating from the Soul’s perspective or from our small ego? Time to die and dive deep in our mysterious sojourns.

Death is dying to oneself. We already died many times when we let go of our ego. We are eternal, our superconscious state is here when we totally surrender to what is. Our hearts are the wisdom keeper. When our hearts stop ticking, our mind is free from distractions. Our cellular level of consciousness and memory dissipates, become like clouds and the clear blue sky is once again perceived. We are here to experience our soul’s journey by embodying this body suit. Our superconscious mind is the soul embodying our body, mind, heart and spirit. The mind taps into the unconscious and our body and heart taps into the conscious. That is why our body and hearts are the anchors to mother Earth Gaia. Gaia the spirit of our planet feeds and nurtures our sustenance. She magnetizes our body and intelligently organized structure of our systems. Our carbon-based body is the map of our existence. The superconscious is the space where our co-creative power with the universal creator is integrated. With that said, our lives is a super complicated weaving intelligence of the omnipresence,omniscient, and omnipotent power of God who or whatever the Higher power stands for you. Be present, open your mind and heart. We are not bounded by time and space. We are expansive, divine limitless co-creators in our amazing body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. We are one.




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