You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

What is your intention in living this lifetime?


This question takes us to the roots of all our actions. When we are aware of why we do things and what is the main intention of our actions, we open our hearts to the truth and we align ourselves to what our evolution of consciousness needs at the right moment. This is what we call awareness, when we are awake to our senses and when we find silence in our being. It’s not that easy to find peace especially when we live in the midst of chaos. Truly chaos was created in our consciousness, when we stop to think these thoughts of separation then we truly resonate with peace, with our truth and spirit. As long as we are in this state of consciousness of separation we will never find our oneness.

To bring this into our reality we first have to go through a process of detachment from ego and illusions from our head. Living inside our heart, we find silence, in our mind through meditation and then our meditation becomes action in a sense we become one with silence. Our heart and mind becomes one and sings a song of love and life. Then we can truly say we reach our nirvana, truly heaven and earth are here, our illusions, beliefs, fear on the unknown and death, conditioning of the mind separates us from this state of bliss.

When we start to wonder why our lives are cycles of pain and suffering then we stop and see that the magnet of all these difficulties is us. When we start to uproot these seeds of beliefs in our mind, this is where the roots of sufferings are. Our mind is like a garden, we have to check our ground and fertilize it with good thoughts and love, then our harvest will be bountiful and grace of God is upon us.

What is your intention in living your lifetime? Are your actions out of fear or love? When are you going to take actions? Are you the co- creator of your Divine life? These are questions that will open your mind and expand its horizons. Our heart is the seat of wisdom, when you open your heart and release those emotions that blocked you from who you truly are.

We live in multidimensions and when we are present in our body, our lives become rooted in love. Because our body is the vehicle of light that will take us to where our intentions are in this lifetime. Time is but a fraction of your ego and identification in this present moment. Truly there is no past as it is gone but humanity carries the burden of the past hurts and emotions get stuck in this linear time. We need to release these cellular memories of the past, the only real thing is the now where you are residing in this time or moment of truth, we are here connecting to all and what is.

If we put our intention for the good of all, we become connected, aligned to our purpose. We are reflections of each others truth, when our perceptions or filter of truth is shaded, we see others as separated but when we clear our lenses we see the truth or reality that what I see is but reflections of my true self which is my spirit. My spirit which is eternal is here and now living simultaneously together weaving this so called life. All that I see becomes me and if I see beauty in others I see the same in my true self. Where I am there I am. Everything is a mirror of myself. In these eyes that I see, I see love and peace.

In knowing, you will align your perceptions to what you want to see and your filter will be transform to clarity and your life will be clear of fear but only love resides in your being. The joy in knowing this will create expansion in your fields. You will be an open portal of light and others will come and be attracted to your true light and peace. There is no more fear of death as we come and see that our souls are eternal and peacefully we live this life that we co-create with other souls that we touched. Let us create love in every moments of our existence then there is no space for fear, no war and separation.

The mind is in the field, when our thoughts are about love then our field will be full of love. Let us start inside our head, let go of fear based thoughts but plant seeds of love. Find stillness and balance, check where your emotions are, are they vibrating in high frequency or lower vibrations? When you are in high frequency meaning your emotions are about love, happiness and unity then your emotions are align to your thoughts as emotions and thoughts are connected. Emotions are the gateway to your thoughts, when you feel good then your thoughts are good and vice versa.

Our world is full of fear based thoughts that is part of our humanity’s consciousness and we partake in this river and flow of life. The only part that we can do to help our consciousness is to wake up and live our lives out of love. The only real thing that hold us together, when we see our existence as one with others then we will be conscious enough to create and transform what we have. We will put light into darkness then we will become united like light and darkness becomes one. Fear is but a shadow of love. We are in this multidimensions living physically and spiritually  simultaneously creating this space of oneness disguised as duality.

Intentions are actions as thoughts are emotions. Let us live our intentions free of fear and our actions full of love. Let us think of positive thoughts and our emotions full of love. In this cycle of love not fear we will be free of fear and our lives will soar like our spirit are free from any attachments and soon we will fly with our angel wings!

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