You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

What is your life story?


In this lifetime we find it difficult to separate ourselves from the stories that we co create in the universe. To be the observer of our stories and find the treasures in the darkness. The veil in our Third Eye Chakra is so thick that we can not see the bigger picture of why things that are not good happened to us? We believe the stories that we create because we were pre- conditioned as human beings to believe what we see and have forgotten that there is more to what we can see. This physical reality is only the surface of what is deeper in the mysterious lives that we live.

How can we get out of our victim consciousness roles? How do we empower ourselves? When we see others as separated from us, we are still running in the egoic mode. That means we have not developed our sense of unified consciousness, which is about being one with everything that we co- create. Our projections are our mirrors of what is inside us. So we need to understand that our enemies so to speak are actually us reflecting what we need to shift in order for us to be wholesome.

We are here to experience dichotomy, one of fear and love. What are you choosing? Let go of the story of your victimhood and wake up to your empowered self. We can shift our perceptions and consciousness into being one with others. When we accept our part and responsibility for creating the story, then we know for sure, that we co-create whatever is in our fields. Are we ready to see the truth for what it is? As long as we see others separated from us, we will not see the gifts in the stories that we had agreed with our Sacred Contracts. Open your hearts, wake up to the catalysts of your stories. Let forgiveness be the key in your hearts and souls to allow miracles to unfold in your lives.

Our stories are written in our blueprints of the Akashic Records, when we align to this luminous Akashic fields we will find light to direct us into our greatness and magnificent paths of our souls. To get to this lighted path we need to know and understand that there are laws in the universe that we go through and when we are not align to these laws we are lost in the darkness nights of our souls.

What are the tools that we can use as a guide post to help us navigate in our Light cruise?

1. Your story serves your soul’s purpose.

2. Name the theme of your victim consciousness. Shift this into empowerment. Forgive the catalyst for the story to unfold into its greatness.

3.  Start where you are, everything will shift when you put attention to the lighter side of life.

4. Everything passes away, let go of attachments to your story as a victim. You have the power to shift this into your victorious story. Let go of pain and allow healing to manifest.

5. The lighter you are the easier it gets, FAITH is totally surrendering to the unknown.

6. Everything is impermanent and uncertain, how we see ourselves as victims will transform if we let go of our attachment. You are here to find the gifts of your victim consciousness.

7. You are never alone and never separated from the Divine creative force of creations. Co- create your victorious life and TRUST that you in the right path to your ascension process.

8. Everything is energy, choose your vibrations towards love and light. Fear is constrictive and will not lead you into your expansion.

9. Surround yourself with light hearted, compassionate, kind and caring people who will support you with your growth. Let go of others that are not for you and have clear boundaries and respect for yourself.

10. Know that you are always guided, the Masters of Light are with you, call them and ask for blessings and you shall received.

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