You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

What to do when you feel powerless?


Life can present us with challenges and we are being called to face this with fearlessness and have the intention towards peace, light, and love. But how can we see this path when we are in the middle of it? This is the work of seeing clearly that this seeming problem is actually a door of opportunity to expand our perceptions on what really is here and how can we shift this into becoming a positive situation. First, we have to come from this perspective that we are powerful over any other challenges, we are given the spiritual tools to give light to any darkness. We are light workers. This shadow is a cry for help, coming from this perspective we become a spiritual warrior of the light. We are here to transcend any obstacles that come our way. We are powerful beyond our imagination, we just needed the right perception on how we can see things that don’t seem light.

Steps in being powerful:

1. Acknowledge the problem. Be clear on what is being presented.

2. Check in with yourself, questions to ask :

Is there anything that I contributed to this conflict? Where am I draining my power? Was my boundary crossed?

Am I projecting? Am I blaming? Am I in control? These questions can help in your inquiry.

3. You are the magnet to every situation, face the situation with an open mind and open heart.

4. Check which “Archetypes” are animated? This will help you take the situation to be impersonal, and will not react with the person’s behavior knowing that these are Sacred Contracts.

5. After naming the Archetypes, ask the lesson or roles that need to integrate for your highest good and others.

6. Take the other person’s reactions as her/his own Archetype in action not yours.

7. You can’t fix or change the other person, but take responsibility of your contribution.

8. Be in your sacred space, reflect and send light and love to the other party.

9. Know that there is a Higher Power, surrender the things that you can not change.

10. Allow things to unfold with divine timing everything passes away. Have faith, forgive and empower yourself knowing that challenges are here to open you up, expand and see things in a different light.



Divine guidance leads me towards peace, light, and love. That I may see what is presented to me as my own shadows reflected back to me. Give me the humility  to forgive myself and others. Let me be an instrument to channel grace to others who are lost. It is your guiding voice that I will hear within my heart to create a space that will give us harmony and power to bring in the true light of freedom. Let us free ourselves from this shackles of darkness and confusion. Let there be light and love in between our midst. We surrender to you our challenges and that we may find peace with all our emotions and mental thoughts. We are powerful light beings and we thank you for this grace. Thank you , thank you  and thank you. Let it be done with effortless, ease, love and grace. And so it  is.


Blessings of miracles,



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