You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

When Things Are Not Right



What is the reason you keep holding to something that is not in alignment to your highest good? Why do you like to hurt? What do you get from feeling these emotions? Is it serving you? What is the attachment? Where do you feel this in your body? Stay and feel it. Ask these questions and let it sink. Does it feel good? Your body will tell you, what is happening. There is mis- aligned energies within you. For some reason, you have forgotten what serves your highest good. It is this unconscious thought and mis- aligned energies that we need to explore.

You cannot keep running away. This is the mastery of your soul. Your highest calling is to love yourself. Your body wants respect. If it does not feel good, it does not belong to you. Let it go, surrender. Trust that you are only serving the highest good for you and others. Do not make things complicated. Live a simple life with out complications.

Be simple. Feel good. Live happily co-creating with divine grace and flow of love. People that do not give value to you, do not deserve you. You are higher than this treatment. Put your focus on your self and the divine projects that you have. You are gifted with these blessings. Do not waste your time, energy and mind to others who doesn’t think highly of you. Value your worth. You are important. Respect your self. Love yourself.

Forgive these people that had been entangled with your energy fields. They are your catalyst. Teaching you integrity and worth. Allow them to leave. They do not belong to your vibrations. Keep your vibrations high. Reach for the stars. You are born to shine. Shine bright. Support others in their journeys. As you support them, you gain momentum in your success. You share this illuminating Light. Radiate this Light. You are pure love. You are given divine missions and your gift is to share your presence.

Be centered, focus and balance. Let go of things, people and places that does not serve your highest good. Be passionate, consistent with determination to finish what you have started. You are a magnet for things to happen. Manifest your heart’s desires and your dreams will come true. Remember to breathe, be still and know that everything passes away but what is important is your relationship with the Source of all that is. You can only do so much. Be true to your self. Be authentic and accept that you cannot save the world. You can only face your situations and do your best. Be Light and happy. Be kind to your self!

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