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When Your Attachments Are Being Shaken


chakra2In our journeys, we will be experiencing our own inner earthquakes. All our attachments to our roles, jobs, things, and people that we surround with suddenly are being taken away. We are shaken to the core and we become scattered. We lose our focus. How can we put our attention to things that will work for us. These are the universal challenges, we are being tested on how much can we handle. Things that are given to us are here to learn our lessons.

How do we keep our cool? When things around us are collapsing, it is a sign that we are going through rebirth. We are releasing things that does not work for us anymore. We are creating a space for this new pattern to exist. Whatever changes are presented, take it as openings. See beyond the ups and downs, it is a part of the cycle of nature. The more we resist, the more it persist. Let go of resistance. Flow with the knowing that everything passes away, we are impermanent. There is no certainty in this transient world. Be an observer of what is transpiring without attachment to the form. Be fluid like the water in the vast ocean, flow with life.

How to keep your cool?

  1. Attachments are hindrances to our freedom of the spirit. We attached ourselves to feel that we belong, to gain attention and to be seen.
  2. When these attachments are taken away, we loose our false identity. We are imbalance and we get lost in our thoughts and emotions.
  3. We get scared of our loss and fear sets in, we are afraid that we do not matter anymore to our friends and family. We feel failure. We are broken inside. Something was taken away and we are not the same.
  4. We need to get grounded in our thoughts, meditate and journal your way through your loss. Every time you lose something, a part of you is taken away. It is a process, do not hurry your way out of this but take your time and be an observer of your thoughts.
  5. These are the challenges of our times, everything passes away. Let go of judgements on yourself and others.
  6. Do not be hard on yourself, take time to relax and walk in nature.
  7. We recreate our fear, take an inventory of your story and see where this is rooted from the beginning.
  8. When you find the roots of your story, you are able to release this in your Akashic Records and evolve.
  9. As we learn our lessons, we ascend the things that we needed to let go. The stories of being a victim and how we can empower ourselves through these challenges.
  10. Be free and let your spirit soar high. We are here to experience life, with its ups and downs we are able to create something beautiful for our selves and others. Be grateful for all the blessings that you have and be happy.

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