You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Where attention is, energy flows



Our attention allows the energy to flow what we want to create, when you focus and becomes clear with your vision. It takes discipline and awareness to be in this flow. To manifest things you have to be in this flow of energy. No procrastination but moving forward motion towards your goals and creations. Your passion ignites your fire. Know what you want and what your desires are. Be in this motion totally ignoring what others think of you. You are here to manifest your  desires with the cooperation of the universal energy, how great is that?

Your attention attracts things that will work with your desires. Suddenly, you will meet people that will collaborate with your projects. Out of nowhere you will meet beings that will uplift and support you in your path. The universe is a vast field of energy. It responds to what you put out. When you realized and know that you are the universe. The  summation of all your creations are comprised of all your hearts desires.

There is no limit to all your desires when you are attune to the high frequency of the universal energy. The law of this universal attraction will come to your energetic fields when you are aware of your constant thoughts and vibrations. The positive thoughts create positive results and unconscious negative thoughts create resistive experience. When you feel resistance to your feelings and situations, this is a door to explore. Any  resistance indicates an opportunity for expansion. Because resistance is a movement of contraction within your fields of consciousness. Unknowingly, you are holding this vibration within your energetic fields.

The energetic fields create what you have in your realities right now. Within and external you are it. If there is something that bothers you, look within because the answers are within. When you turn your attention to what is not expansive and look at this situation as an opportunity. You become an alchemist of your conflict within yourself. By doing this you are shifting your attention to positive outcome and building an expansive ways of thinking things through.

Your attention creates the blueprint of your manifestation. This is in action with collaboration with the universal energy fields. You are the universe and the universe is within you. When you know this in your core being, you become vast expansive being of love and light. You radiate this essence and help others to remember who you. The positive flow of energy will transcend any blockage that is perceived negative to your senses. Allow, be aware of your attention and believe that everything is already here, you just can’t see it yet.

How would you know that you are in alignment with the universal energy? When there is resistance and blockages to your desires is a sign that you are not align to your higher vibrations of love. Checking your emotions and how you feel inside makes you become aware of your creations. Shift your negative emotions towards uplifting and supportive emotions. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people that are happy for you. Let go of emotions that are limiting you to be your joyful self. Be free of attachments from any entanglements with others shadows. They are not yours, allow only good thoughts and emotions that lights you up.

We are in the ebbs and flows of life, we can’t help sometime what we  will experience but we always have the choice. To choose consciously what is good for us. We can be aware of our consciousness and know that we are observer of what is in front of us. Don’t waste your time and energy in your realities. Be aware, shift anything that is not serving you your highest good. Allow only good thoughts and be aware of energy vampires.

The attention that you are giving will create the flow of the universal energy. Manifesting your hearts desires, you have to know what you want and be focus. Without this important factor there will be misdirections. You want to have a clear focus, state what you want to create and release it in the universe. You are the writer of your script, director and actor of your movie.

Follow your passion, put your attention to what makes you feel good. Think for a second,  what makes me feel happy? What do I love to do? Where do I shine my light? These are some direct and grounding questions that can help you direct your attention. By asking questions, you create a space for the Akashic Records to help you receive information that will be valuable to your self inquiry. They are your vibratory imprints of your energy and soul’s book of life. It will create your highest potential and helps you align to your soul’s purpose.

Accessing your Akashic Records helps you to be in the flow of the universal energy because you are tapping into your soul’s universal data. They will be able to give your blueprints, archetypal energy, past lives and patterns that you want to incorporate in this lifetime. When you are aware of your own Records, you become conscious of all your thoughts, words and actions. This has a great impact on understanding and evolving as a conscious soul within this physical body.

Be aware of your vibrations and your attention, this will create the flow of your manifestation. Allow the positive flow of light vibrate in your energy fields to attract positive and expansive experiences. Ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open your book of life and reveal to you information that will help you transpire what you want in this lifetime. They are your guardians and when you align to your own soul’s Records, you will evolve and be in tune to your highest potential.

Blessings of love and light!




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