You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Where is your attention? where are you in your mind?


These are the questions that reached my mind today and I ask myself where am I today in my thoughts? We are so busy with our mind that we forget we are here in this beautiful body, physically here, not there or somewhere else. Where is your attention? when I ask this, it brings me back to focus. This is where we get lost most of the times. When we wander through life without this focused attention we get lost by the mundane things in life. So in order to create what we want in this reality that we call life we need to focus our attention, meaning we need to shift our vibration, since it is going to be our vibrations, or emotions, that will bring us back to our senses, if we are on the right track.

We get lost in our emotions and mental projections so we get derailed off our guided path. Our guidance is our high vibrations, meaning our positive emotions, which are positive feelings that bring us love and light not fear or darkness. We have to go through a process call integration which unites our shadow and light attribute. When we integrate these in our selves we find humility because we realize that we are all the same. When we become united with our own darkness we become a light to those who are lost just like us!

What are the signs that you are lost? When you are in the middle of drama and ask why am I here? what attracted me to this situation? where am I right now? when you find yourself judging others and believing that you are right and they are wrong in their choices, you are lost once again. The primary lesson is to be a light and share love, not judgements or separation. That is not easy especially when you have this healer archetype, you almost believe that you know everything but you don’t. This is where I am right now, the more I know the less I know. The Universe brings me back to the source which is love not fear. When I don’t judge others’ mistakes I’m saying to the Source that I acknowledge and respect the flow of life, and the only way for the other person to learn is through his or her own mistakes. I’m one with the Tao!

What I realized is that to be a master is to be a master of everything and nothing. For all those knowledge that I’ve searched and looked for the well of answers are all within me. This is an amazing place to be when you exist yet you know that this physical reality is all an illusion of your own mind. If I get lost in the mind, then my way back home is thru the heart! then I would say that my body, mind and heart needs to be in alignment, to function as a true and free integrated human being. For my spirit is having these physical experiences. It’s a matter of choice! To be loved and love or to be hated and hate? Simple yet profound.

When you remember to bring these four aspects of yourself together, body, mind, heart and spirit , you are going to attract situations which your heart desires. How are we going to know that they are aligned? Meditation helps to clear your mind. Dancing ignites your body’s passions. If you observe the feelings in your heart and inquire about them the heart will answer you in so many ways. Our heart is the seat of wisdom; believe and trust. Your spirit needs freedom and liberation from all attachments caused by your body-mind-heart system. Are there any blockages? Ask your dreams to show you. Dreams are our connections to our intuition and subconscious mind. They will reveal to you what is concealed from your senses. They will guide you thru a path in life that is free from expectations and outcomes, and is blessed with the knowledge that whatever you need in the moment you are graced with by the Universe.



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