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Why We Attract Our Opposite?


Do you ask why we attract people that are totally opposite of who we are? We magnetise these in our fields because deep within ourselves there is something that we need to integrate. Like the Yin and Yang of life, we are here to experience light and shadow. When we are able to assimilate the lesson, we become one with the other person or ourselves.

How to integrate the lessons in life?

  1. Observe what are the contrasts in your life right now. Name them, these are the shadows that are not working for you. Or things that the other person brings into the relationship. Character or things that agitate you. These are triggers or catalysts that require your attention.
  2. Once named, it is time to investigate, ask questions that will connect you to the missing link of the bigger picture. Go back to your childhood. Who this person reminds you of?
  3. What kind of emotions are created from your interactions? Is it coming from fear or love?
  4. What separates or divides you from this person? Name the qualities, character and describe in more details.
  5. Journal your experiences with the other person. Ask your Akashic Records questions to assists you in your healing.
  6. Align yourself, be congruent with your mind and heart. You will find that the other person is here to remind yourself of the things that you have not accepted about yourself.
  7. When we have self-acceptance, we become open and things usually do not trigger us anymore. We react less and know that whatever this person is carrying is about them and not yours. You become empowered and wholesome.
  8. The opposite of the shadow is light. Turn the contrast into clarity. Put your attention to light and positive energy. Create from this space.
  9. The alchemy of life, see the lead and turn into gold by knowing that you are the alchemist and have the power to do this.
  10. Be at peace within and with others. The shadows becomes a part of you and no longer separates you from who you truly are a bright light.

Blessings of miracles,


  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Great info, Teza. But, my mind is so scrambled. I feel like I am going crazy. Seriously.

    I am traveling into multi dimensional worlds.

    The knowing has me writing books.

    And, now Buffalo Woman is coming thru.

    It’s as if I am in a dream and awake at the same time.

    I can read clouds. Animals give me signs…and it goes on and on.

    Yes, there is something magical happening. But, after being in psych ward for 11 days. You gotta wonder…am I…crazy.

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 2 years ago

      I am sorry to hear that Karin, with our awakening we can loose our grounding. It is very important to ground our thoughts into our hearts and earth. So we don’t electrified our wirings in our brain. Especially with our kundalini rising, I find a lot of spiritual beings are getting this imbalance. We are receiving a lot of cosmic energy and our system is not used to it. The best healer is nature, drink lots, rest, sleep, eat and walk in nature.
      I also find when you are alone, that ut can lead to depression. So surround yourself with positive people.
      We also need our mental health in balance, especially when we are going through a cycle of events. It will be beneficial to speak to a therapist that has spiritual experiences and holistic point of view.
      Hope that helps and praying for your recovery and rejuvenation.


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