You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

You are a Pearl Outside of the Oyster Bed


What does a pearl outside of the oyster means? It means that we have to stop suffering because we are already pearls outside of the oysters. Inside the oyster bed, the pearl is made from the infiltration of foreign entity like grain of sands and parasites. The oyster reacts and creates layers of pearlescent substance, creating a beautiful treasure.

This metaphor relates to us, when we are growing and learning from negative situations and suffer. Although we attain the level of being a beautiful light, we are still attached to the suffering that we attract. We forget that we need to focus within, our spiritual light and be able to let go of people that drain us. We are not inside the oyster anymore, we are pearls outside of the oyster.

This is an important level of understanding that one has to attain. Be an observer of our own creations. We become blind to our own oyster bed. Open your heart and mind to allow others to speak into your soul. When we suffer from addiction, or rescuing others we have difficulty seeing with clarity. We are attached to our oyster beds. How can we help ourselves?

Steps in seeing your true light:

  1. Open your Akashic Records. “Lords of the Akashic Records, please open my book of life. State your full legal name, ____________. Please create a safe and sacred space for my healing. Help me see my truth and reveal to me the ways to gain clarity. Please release all energies that are not serving my highest good. The Records are now open , the Records are now open, the Records are now open.”
  2. Scan your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. Envision who are the people that are affecting you in a negative way. People who drains and create triggers within you. These are karmic patterns and bonds that you have with these souls. They are here to teach you lessons. Our intention is to release you from these bondage and attachment so you can move forward.
  3. Ask the spiritual guides, Masters of Light, Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray to cut the cords between you and these people. Ask St. Germaine and the Violet flame to transmute these energies that are not needed anymore. Send these energies back to the Source of love and light. Spend sometime in the Akashic field. Your blueprint will receive this healing vibration and will shift into a new template. Envision your soul like a translucent pearl full of wisdom and light. You no longer need your oyster bed, you are free from sufferings. Focus on your spiritual light.
  4. Ask Archangel Raphael and the Green Ray to assist and send you this beautiful green healing light into your cellular consciousness level of existence, holographic matrices, crystalline, and bio-ethereal fields.
  5. Thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for this healing and opening your book of life. We now ask the the Lords to close your Records. Ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to seal your book with ease, grace and love. Envision the sacred form of Merkabah sealing the chapters of your book. “Thank you, thank you, thank you Lords of the Akashic Records for this healing and please close my book of life. And so it is.”
  6. Ground yourself after healing, drink a lot of water to detox. Use sage or palo santo to clear the air in your surroundings. Walk in nature for grounding.
  7. Journal with the Akashic Records, see how your life change and transformed.
  8. Meditate and surround yourself with people that loves you.
  9. Be balance in the process of releasing, you need to be gentle with yourself.
  10. Spend sometime in silence and treat yourself. Go for spa or retreat.


Blessings of miracles,




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