You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

You Are the Creator of Your Life

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Our human species needs to wake up from the illusions of our creation. We are at a peek moment in the evolution of our consciousness. We are each responsible for our transition towards ascension. However we also need to understand that we are a part of the bigger picture while in this dimension. We must be accountable for our participation consciously and unconsciously. We cannot be in this dimension and remain blind to all the challenges and difficulties that our collective consciousness is creating. This is the time to realize that everything we think, speak, emote and do affects our consciousness both individually, and as one organism of human species.

We are being called to and assist each other to transcend or evolve from a victim consciousness into one of empowerment. How can we contribute to this evolution? By being conscious of our own existence. We become aware of all of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions by accessing our records, our ‘Book of Life’, in the Akashic fields. When we understand that everything we do affects our ‘Book of Life’ (our Akashic Records), we become responsible and accountable for our existence. This awareness affects the collective consciousness of humanity. We are building new realities for our future generations. We are the ‘way showers’ and ‘light workers’ showing them how to dissipate the darkness and be one with all creations. We become co creators of ‘all that is’. We connect to the Source and become magnificent beings of light.

In order to manifest one must start with ‘intention’, declaring to the universe what it is that we want to create in our life. Declaring your intentions to the universe means that you are creating and signing an agreement with the Source. An agreement that your faith will lead you to that which you have created with your intention. The next step is for you to visualize what you created clearly, and do so without any distractions. Visualize that everything is here already. These actions demonstrate that you are walking in faith. You are allowing and surrendering to the force of the universe. You are giving attention to that which you intend to manifest, focusing your creativity and its expression with clarity. Where ever you put your attention energy flows. The last step, but certainly not the least, is taking action. It is very important to be an active participant with the universe in manifesting our creation. The universe will test you and will give situations which will push your buttons guiding you to feelings that show how you truly want your creations to manifest. It will test the integrity and determination of your desire for what you want to manifest. Integrity is a big part of aligning yourself to your heart’s desires, and your soul’s purpose. Every aspect of your true self will be purified, the fire in your spirit will determine the outcome.

Trust in the Universe. Everything is here we are in the universal energy. Creations manifest when we are aware, awake, align and activated to our truth. Our universal conscious selves, spiritual guides in multi-dimensions; beings of light and love will lead us the way to amazing lifetimes. We are here to manifest our authentic selves and be in oneness with all that is. Living in peace, expressing joy and love, and being grateful for all the blessings that we receive. It is time to wake up, help others, share your gifts, brighten your light and experience the gifts of our universe. There is no time to lose. We are called for a bigger purpose. To become one with all that is. Creating love, peace and joy in our Akashic fields, we accelerate our ascension process. We will be walking in our lifetimes fully awake and conscious of our golden light that is here to experience being human and fully loving every moment of our lifetimes.


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